Who’s Coming

Musicians, composers, developers, designers and coders, all of whom are curious about the future of digital in the arts.

Ideas Lab

Tuesday 7 June: if you're coming along to the Ideas Lab, you can be sure you'll be in good company

Matthew Herbert Square

Matthew Herbert

Making music without musical instruments in order to learn things and bring down the neoliberal economic system.

Last gig: 4.48 psychosis at the Lyric Hammersmith


Tim Plyming Low Res

Tim Plyming

Director of Digital Arts and Media at Nesta. Passionate about great content and great technology – partial to a glass of Rioja.

Last gig: Aurora & The Chanson Trio


Andrew Hugill Cropped

Andrew Hugill

Composer, musicologist, computer scientist, literary scholar, pataphysician and Director of the Centre for Creative Computing at Bath Spa University.

Last gig: 'Embodied Intelligence in Music' concert for AI systems and live performers


Adrian Mc Ewen Square

Adrian McEwen

Connecting strange objects to the Internet for fun and profit - bubble machines that watch Twitter, sensing systems for wave energy machines in the English Channel, you name it...

Last gig: the crazy immersive musical technological theatre of the Kazimier's Invisible Wind Factory.


Kealy Cozens

Kealy Cozens

Producer / Marketer / DIY data scientist at Sound and Music leading the Creative Data Programme including Creative Data Club and an Embedded artist residency at the Open Data Institute. 


Rebecca Fiebrink

Rebecca Fiebrink

Computer scientist, musician, creator of the Wekinator software for machine learning in music and art, and lecturer at Goldsmiths University of London.


Jason Singh Square

Jason Singh

Musician, Sound Artist and Creative Facilitator, my work is an ongoing exploratory collaboration between the voice, body and technology. 

Last gigs: Music – Freedom: The art of improvisation at The Vortex in London; Theatre – The Encounter (Complicite) in Manchester; Cinema – Miles Ahead 


Nick Ryan

Nick Ryan

Composer, audio specialist and artist, with a portfolio straddling orchestral composition, sound art, theatre, instrument making, interactive media, film and radio.

Last gig: Complicite - The Encounter


Daniel Halford Square

Daniel Halford

Researching motion tracking technologies for musical applications at the University of Southampton. Classical recording engineer, sound designer, cable-coiling enthusiast, drummer and mixed-media technologist.

Last gig: Hans Zimmer Live


Daniel John Jones Sqaure

Daniel John Jones

Artist and software engineer whose work explores new ways in which sound and technology can illuminate our understanding of the world, translating patterns and data into living musical forms.

Last gig: Jessy Lanza


Joanne Armitage Square

Joanne Armitage

Composer and technologist working with sound, vibrations, physical computing and live coding. Currently a lecturer and PhD candidate at University of Leeds. 

Last gig: Newcastle Algorave, Abject Gallery


Marco Donnarumma Sqauer

Marco Donnarumma

Touring artist, researcher and creator of the XTH Sense, a biophysical music instrument, I merge sound art and performance art through science and technology.


Larry Goves Square

Larry Goves

Manchester based composer and curator writing acoustic and electronic music of consistently variable quality. 

Last gig: Weisslich 7 - performance art informed musical chicanery - gripped and giggling in equal measure.


Adam Stark Square

Adam Stark

Researcher, computer scientist and musician, currently working on the mi.mu gloves.

Last gig: Annie Rew-Shaw


Raphael Pimlott

Raphael Pimlott

Creative assistant at Fifty Nine Productions, animator, designer and part time coder. Passionate about music, theatre, film, technology - and combining all of the above.

Last Gig: Puscifer

Thor Magnus Square

Thor Magnusson

Research and practice in the areas of music and technology. Co-founder of ixi audio and lecturer in music at the University of Sussex.

Last gig: Performing with the threnoscope, double bass and cello at Sussex Humanities Lab


Shelly Knotts Square

Shelly Knotts

Working with code, data and networks to develop systems for collaborative improvisation. Active live coding performer, hacker and researcher. 

Last gig: International Symposium on Electronic Art 2016 Closing Party, Videotage, Cattle Depot, Hong Kong 


Steve Polydorou Square

Steve Polydorou

Co-Director of Wash Media, creating imaginative and stylish films for the arts.

Last gig: Radiohead at the Roundhouse


Sam Duffy Square

Sam Duffy

Researcher in the Music Cognition Lab at Queen Mary University of London and School of Media, Film and Music at University of Sussex. Currently working on Steve Reich’s Clapping Music App and Sonic Writing.

Last gig: Branford Marsalis at the Union Chapel


Richard Whitelaw Square

Richard Whitelaw

Director of Programmes at Sound and Music.

Last gig: Noh Reimagined at Kings Place


Mark Bowden Square

Mark Bowden

Composer, writing mainly acoustic music, sometimes with electronics. Very interested in collaboration, particularly with dance and text.

Last gig: Stravinsky Myths and Rituals: Renard/Mavra/Les Noces, Phiharmonia/Salonen, Royal Festival Hall


Stefan Kazassoglou Square

Stefan Kazassoglou

3D audio engineer / spatial sound system installation designer / sound designer / mixing and mastering engineer / electronic beat composer / musician. Developed COSMOS spatial audio system and researcher into new ways to engage in 3D audio and binaural workflows.

Last gig: Binary Festival, Liverpool


Duncan Chapman

Duncan Chapman

Making music with people with the aim of expanding sonic curiosity, I enjoy being surprised and am currently travelling and collaborating... (and on a train to Scotland)

Last gig: "White Cane" research performance with Isabel Jones, Takashi Kikuchi and Mickel Smithen on Huddersfield Station Platform 1 with an audience wearing wireless headphones (facilitated by Sound And Music's "Composer Curator" scheme)

Cimeon Ellerton Square

Cimeon Ellerton

Product & Programme Director at The Audience Agency. Interested in why people do what they do (and what we might want to do about it). One time orchestral director and composer. Lazy cyclist. Whisky enthusiast.

Last gig: my friend Eleanor Dorman playing Trapeze in Shoreditch. Chilled beats and free food. Good times.


Claudia Molitor

Claudia Molitor

Composer, sound artist, occasional writer and curator.

Last gig: The Tiger Lillies at Brighton Fring


Di Mainstone Square

Di Mainstone

Mixing dance, sculpture, sound, architecture and technology to make musical instruments that play the city.

Last music gig: last night a friend called Melissa singing in the local pub!  
Last tech gig: Technarte, Bilbao

@dimainstone  @humanharp

Erika Shorter Square

Erika Shorter

Insights, research and futures at Uniform. Interested in technology’s role in storytelling. Writer with an interest in unusual paratext and literary play/gaming. Happiest when collaborating with designers, artists, makers and thinkers.

Last gig: Brian Wilson at The Liverpool Philharmonic


Louis Mustill

Louis Mustill

Founder of Artists & Engineers, an expert in arts and entertainment technology - Louis Mustill is a producer and technical director with a special interest in live performance tools and audio-visual production.

Last gig: Jacob Collier at Village Underground

@louismustill @ArtistEngineers

Will Young

Creative developer and media munger with an obsession for live audio visual performance. 

Last gig: Jacob Collier - Bratislava Jazz Days


Rebecca Stewart

Rebecca Stewart

Electrical engineer and software developer researching wearable computing for art, music and fashion and lecturer at Queen Mary University of London.


Leonardo Amico Square

Leonardo Amico

Creative technologist at Uniform employing software and electronics to prototype and test future scenarios of everyday life. Occasional noiser. 


Gavin Higgins

Gavin Higgins

Composer currently working on a new opera with children’s author Francesca Simon. Lover of London, drinker of tea.


Xname Aka Eleonora Oreggia Square

xname aka Eleonora Oreggia

London based conceptual electronic artist from Milan, she makes performances and interactive installations. Her live compositions transform light and other electromagnetic frequencies in sound waves through self built synthesizers and complex semi chaotic machines.


Thursday 14 July: as well as all those lovely people from our Ideas Lab who you can see above, our stellar line up includes... 

Michael Shorter Square

Michael Shorter

Senior Creative Technologist at Uniform. Get's excited about technology, design and music.


Leila Johnston

Leila Johnston

Writer and artist bringing together science, technology and art in playful publications, installations and experiences.


Nick Luscombe Square

Nick Luscombe

Presenter of BBC Radio 3 Late Junction as well as a DJ, music and playlist curator and radio producer. Founder of Musicity, an international digital and live event platform that explores the intersection of music and architecture.


Jack Churchill

Jack Churchill

Creative Labs Technologist, exploring the exciting future of new innovation and what we can begin to do with it.


Rob Ashelford Square

Rob Ashelford

Runs the Digital Innovation Fund for the Arts in Wales, helping arts organisations run strategic experiments with digital technology.


Sarah Ellis

Sarah Ellis

Head Of Digital Development at the Royal Shakespeare Company.  Latest project is The Tempest - a collaboration with Intel and in Asscoation with The Imaginarium Studios 


Rachel Coldicutt

Rachel Coldicutt

Director of Products and Services at Doteveryone, running a team that prototypes for public good.


Andrej And Maria Portrait Square

Mária Júdová & Andrej Boleslavský

Artistic duo exploring the creative potential of digital tools, current digital artists in residency at Rambert Dance Company. With Samuel Kerridge they’ve collaborated while creating Fatal Light Attraction.


Katy Beale

Katy Beale

Director of Caper, an innovation consultancy currently working with Somerset House, Rambert, Royal Academy of Arts and the University of East Anglia. 


Leafcutter John Square

Leafcutter John

Performer, programmer, producer and Maker. Very good a selecting the right tool for the job.


Glenn Max Square

Glenn Max

Artistic Director and concert producer based in London. Founder and  Executive Producer of music festival and technology conference, Convergence.



julia biog pic

Julia Payne

Director of the hub, all about music, independence and making some kind of difference. 

Last gig: The Unthanks and Liverpool Philharmonic


Jenny Harris

Jenny Harris

Senior Producer at the hub and Bradford-based programmer of music, festivals and spoken word.

Last gig: Matthew Bourne


Andrew Burke Landscape C Will Tisdall Lark Group Low Res

Andrew Burke

Chief Executive of the London Sinfonietta, inspired by new music and love seeing it connect with more people.

Last gig (that wasn't a London Sinfonietta event): Motionhouse dance company – combining live dance, movement and projection